Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Christmas Of Service

For Christmas this year we went to California to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. On Christmas morning we had planed on sleeping in and then doing presents after we did other things. But that didn't happen because all the little kids were up and opening their presents and we couldn't sleep with all the noise they were making so we got up and opened presents. After we played for a little bit we all got ready and went to the old folks home where grandpa gives a lesson every Sunday. All the grand kids sang for them and then we talked to them and passed out treats. One woman took me by the hand and said, "Don't you stop singing. You have a great voice and you should share it. I am so glad that you shared it with me." She was very kind and it was a sweet experience. We all had a lot of fun. After that we went to a kind of homeless shelter. They were passing out sleeping bags and food and gloves and hats and clothes and all kinds of things to the homeless. We went to volunteer and when we got there they had so many volunteers that they did have anything for us to do. So we sang them a few songs and talked to some of them. One man came in, we were all standing by the door....
Let me back up a little bit. All of the stuff that was there had been donated by people who wanted to help the homeless. We donated candy the day before. But we couldn't find the M&M's the day before so we brought them with us when we went on Christmas.
Okay now back to us standing by the door.
A man walked in and my dad said "You can go through the line and some food and a sleeping bag." and the man said "I already got my stuff I just heard that they had M&M's now and I wanted to come get some."
At the time I thought it was really funny. But the more I think about it the more I think it's sad. Because what we have in our house constantly and only costs us 75 cents, which to us is nothing but to these people is a lot of money, they are what made this man's Christmas. A little bag of M&M's. Can you even imagine?
The mas who owns the building gave us a tour of one of the other buildings he owns that he uses to help the homeless women get jobs. And he kept saying something that I won't forget.
"when Christ comes again, he won't to the rich. He will come here where he can do the most good. And that's why we should be here. Because don't you want to meet the savior when he comes?"
This man is Muslim and he owns his own company(that has nothing to do with the homeless) and he has put and continues to put in tons of his money into helping these people. He is an incredible man and I am better by meeting him.
This experience just got me to thinking.Where will I be when that Savior comes? Will I be out helping those who are in need. Will i be working along side Him or will I be sitting in front of my computer on facebook?
Just something for you to think about.
So I ask you.... Where will you be when He comes?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fine Arts Concert

Yesterday we did a fine arts concert at school. It was the band, the orchestra, the jazz band, sympohonic band, percussion ensemble, bell choir, concert choir, and the Madrigals all stuffed into one concert! It was wonderful! I didn't realize how many talented people we have at our school. People are incredible and I love that they are willing to share their talents with the world.
So to all the incredible people in this world who are will to share their talents, I say "THANKYOU!!!" And to all those who have talents but don't share them, I say "Don't be afraid you truely amazing!!!"

Bow Baby

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I love that movie so dearly. We watched a part of it in seminary and now I'm longing to watch it. Just sayin'. (:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Done With This Day

It started out very good. I got up,got ready, went to seminary, had a great lesson, got to school early, sang only 2 songs in Bells Voix(but we took up the whole time(the girls could sing them)) we were just perfecting today. And then.....
-Mentor period(A stupid waste of time the school came up with to waste our time and throw off our schedules), we have a new kid on our class(we had the same class since our sophomore year) and he's really smart, but he treats everyone else like their stupid. I don't like that. I am not a child. Just cause you're smart doesn't mean that everyone else is completely stupid. And lucky me I get to sit by him. He is really nice, and he's kind-a cute, but do you have to treat me that way?
-Financial Lit. We had a guest speaker, she was better than the one we usually have, but it just dragged on and on and on and on and on.... and on. So I worked on my packet and I got a whole section done(only 5 to go), then we watched some Oprah Winfrey, some people are really stupid. "You guys I don't get it!"
-Lunch was good.
-Ceramics was great, fantastic, phenomenal, marvelous, spectacular, amazing. Have I ever mentioned that I love that class?
-Choir was fun. I don't have a seat. My section leader is a beast. The girl I had to sit by today was tone deaf(I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and guess that she was sick). Ms. Lechman was sorta grumpy. D was stressin' out. But man do we sound GOOD!
-After school I went into the counseling center to talk to my counselor, but alas they wont let me talk to Ms. Bell who has been my counselor since ever, so I have to talk to the new guy who ended up not being there after I waited for 20minutes.
-I got home at 3:05 and got something to eat and then I went to the library(which took A LOT longer than I had had planned).
-I planned on going job hunting, I asked a few people to write a recommendation letter and the only person who actually got one to me was the person I thought wouldn't do it. I filled out ONE, and then I had to leave to go pick up my brother from work.
-I got lost. In rush hour traffic. And I used up all my gas looking for it. That gas was suppose to last me until Thanksgiving break.
-I still need to look up things to see if I qualify for a scholarship to SNOW.
-I'm hungry I only had a few animal crackers after school. I want a hot dog.
-I want to go to bed and to stop having nightmares...... and I'm hungry mama. I really and hungry.
I'm Done With This Day!



So I was making dinner last night(we had make your own chicken salad(It was very good!)) I was cutting up vegies and....
I cut myself.
Here's where the seriously comes in.....
Wait for it.....
Wait for it.....


Saturday, November 12, 2011


So Friday night we went over to CJ and Audrey Madson's house and decorated our T-shirts. I got home about 10:30 and went to bed. I didn't sleep AT ALL. Then at 5am I got up to take some meds to help me feel better. I was just opening the bottle when I knew I was going to throw up. And I did. Luckily I made it to the bathroom. I sat in there for a little while feeling gross and then around 6:30 I went back to my room and went to bed. I woke up a few minutes before 10 still feeling grody. So I got ready for the day and deep cleaned our bathroom. Then I went Back to the Madson's to finish the T-shirts. We did Audrey's hair(it turned out really cute) I went home and put away the groceries, sorted the pantry, did a load of laundry, made brownies, dusted, did dishes, and went shopping with daddy. We went over to Samm's house for dinner, we had home made chicken noodle soup in bread bowls, I didn't eat much(it was the first thing I'd eaten all day). We took pictures. Went to the dance, took more pictures, danced, mingled, squealed with my bestest. Then we came to my house for sundays and games. We played who knows their date best. Zach and I won, I thought that was surprising, I thought for sure Samm and CJ would win, but alas.... WE ROCK! Everyone went home and I still feel yucky. I had a ton of fun!!! But it would have been much better if I didn't feel so nasty.
I brushed my teeth 10 times today(plus one more before I go to bed). And I think I washed my hands at least 35 times. I hand sanitized so many times my hands are dry and cracky. I really hope I didn't get anyone sick. I know how uncool that is. And I hope I get better sooner rather than later. Goodnight all!!!(Pictures to come)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just For Mom

So the other day I was in Animal Science and one of the boys in my class came in late. He was on cruches and his foot was wraped up. My teacher looked at him and said "Chance what happened to your foot?"
His response, "Well I was riding my bike on the roof and it started to rain. I silped."
".........You were riding your bike on the roof.....?"
"Yeah. Doesn't everyone do that?"
"No Chance."
Shrugs his shoulders and goes to his seat.
Bow Baby

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is my Pinch Pot Head from last year in ceramics....
This is my Pinch Pot Head from this year in ceramics....
Now I know that neither of them are that great. But I am making progress and that is the point.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Financial Lit.

I am in Financial Literacy at the moment.... Boring.
She let us get on the computers to finnish an assignment, what she doesn't know is that everybody finnished their assignments and we just wanted to get on the computers because that is more fun than this boring class.
I am rather positive that my IQ lowers just by walking into this room. All the assignments are no brainers and I feel like I know more about this stuff then she does.... I guess it's a good thing that it's only a semester class.
Next I have lunch(I forgot to bring a lunch and I have no lunch money so I'll have to run home really fast and grab something) and then I have CERAMICS!!!! Which I love more than choir. And choir is the last period of the day and we are starting CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!! If I haven't mentioned it before Christmas music is my FAVORITE!!!!
That's the clean up bell!!! Horray!!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Police Man

So if you didn't already know, I've had a little more contact with police men than I would prefer.
And today was no change....
Before mom(or dad) gets upset let me tell you the story.
Landon and I went to get Slurpee's, because some days you just need a Slurpee, at the 7/11 on 27th. they didn't have the flavors we wanted so we went to the 7/11 on 70th and Redwood. We walked in and standing there were not one, not two, but three police men.
Landon turns to me and says "That one looks familiar. Is he the guy that pulled you over in Flo?"
My response "Yeah. But he's also the one who came when I "hit"(I say "hit" because really I was just playing tag and she didn't get the memo. Plus I was going like 3mph. That's not a hit, even if she didn't get the memo she could have understood that it was a love tap. But alas she didn't *sigh*.) that lady."
"What is the funny part of this story", you ask. Well I'll tell you.
Not only did I recognise him, but he recognized me.
Laugh it up Fuzball.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is a movie I found on NetFlix. It's PG. And I loved it!
My family was probably sitting there thinking "Ashtyn what are we watching? Do we have to watch this? Ugg." Which they often do when I get to choose the movie. What can I say I'm a sucker for feel good, always have a happy ending, learn a wonderful truth, kind of movies.
This movie struck me.... I don't know how to explain the feeling but I cried.... A LOT!
This movie made me proud to be an American.
So if you get a chance watch it, do. If it doesn't have the same affect on you as it did on me, maybe I'm just the odd one out, but I'm okay with that. I will be proud to stand out. As Max Goof would say-cross that out-sing, "I got what it t-aa-kes! To stand out! Above the crowed! Even if I gotta shout out loud, til' mine is the only face that you see, gonna stand out til' ya notice me!!!"
Sorry got off topic.... re-tracking....
Saw It. Loved It. Watch It. (Cry Your Eyes Out)
Bow Baby

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is my Homecomming group.
Left to right
Me, Chase, Jeanann, Dakota, Ashley, Peanut(His name is really Peioneti but we just call him Peanut.)

This is one of my friends named Ali. We were standing in line for pictures.

This is my corsage. Isn't it lovely?

This is me and my date. We decided that his hair looks like Syndrome from 'The Incredibles' with blond hair. What do you think?

For our day date we went to Taylors ville Park and played Frisbee Golf on the Fresbee Golf Course(Yes I said course. People had kadies.) Jeanann through a frisbee under a fence and Dakota went to climb the fence and all the sudden there were tons of bees every where. I don't mean three or four bees. I mean like 50 bees. Dakota got stung three times on his neck and once on his butt, and he said in 4 other palces. Jeanann's final count was 12. Peanut got three on his head. And I got one on my ear. I have never been stung by a bee, until now. And you want to know something? IT HURTS!!!!!! I do not want to ever be stung by a bee ever again! Winnie the Pooh makes it look easy to run away from them but you know what it's not. they just keep following you around.
Then we went up Big Cottonwood canyon and we were going to go for a hike but we only went a little way and then there was this big mound of dirt that we climbed up and I slid down it. It was a lot steeper than I was anticipating but I thought it was fun. Chase on the other had did not enjoy it. Wimp.
We then went home and got ready. I told Jeanann that we wouldn't get to her house til about 6. Chase didn't get to my house until 6:30. He had a clothing mishap. He found out 5 minutes before he was suppsed to be at my house that his mom had given his black slacks to D.I. So they had to go get some slacks. We got to Jeanann's at about 6:45 and went to dinner.
We had planned on going to Chillies but when we got there there was an hour wait. So we went to Johnny Carinos instead. It was good.
We got to the dance at 8 it ended at 9. We stood in line for pictures for 45minutes.
After the dance we went to Dakota's house and did s'mores and watched The Princess Bride. Chase fell asleep durring the movie. After the movie we all went home.
Despite all the mishaps we had a ton of fun!!! We had a lot of laughs and we got some intresting stories out of it. So thanks to my group for all the fun and for the memories. Love you all!!!

Bow Baby

A New School Year

This school year I am a senior.
When I tell people I'm a sennior they usally say "HOLY HELL! YOU'RE A SENIOR?!?!"(and no I am not making that up)
I have decided that they don't think I'm a senior because I am so incrediblly short. But I am not the shortest one at school so I think it will be okay.
The other day I was in the bathroom and a little sophmore girl came in with all her friends and they were fixing their hair and talking about all the cute boys they know and how "OMG! He sits next to me in spanish class!!!" I didn't even have to ask what grade they were in. I knew because of the way they acted.
My friend Kaitlyn has a new friend who's a sophmore(We'll call her Squash). The other day we were all talking about something(I don't remember what it was) and Squash wouldn't drop the subject. After a while Squash left and Kaitlyn said "Uuugggg she's so obnoxious! Why couldn't she just drop it? Why is it such a big deal? I don't get it!!!" I said in reply "She's a sophmore. They're all like that." Kaitlyn then said, "Was I like that." I told her yes.
Anyway I find it intresting the way you can tell the differance between a sophmore and a senior. Even if they look old enough to be a senior by the way they act you can tell that they are sophmores.
That again got me thinking of how people thinnk that I am a sophmore. Am I like Squash? Then a girl in my ASL(American Sign Language) class said that she guessed that I was a senior it was my voice that made me seem younger. So now not only is it because I'm short, it's cause my voice is to high. *sigh* I guess I'll never look old enough to be a senior.
I think it's okay for now though because I don't feel old enough to be a senior. Maybe by the end of the year people will think I'm a senior and maybe I'll look like one(I don't know how I'll look like a senior if I stay 5'3".
I'll worry about it some other time.

Bow Baby


I was asked by Chase Ewell.
He asked me in Concert Choir.
He sang 'It Takes Two' from Hairspray to me and then he gave me flowers.
At the end of the song the
boys who were standing at the front of the room all held up big posters that said "Will you go to Homecomming with me?"
I wish someone had gotten it on video, but alas they didn't.

Bow Baby

Friday, August 19, 2011

Muffin Mix

Yeah.... I ate that for dinner.... Like a whole box.... All by myself.... And I am completly okay with it, because I think I deserve it.
And that's all I have to say about that.
Bow Baby

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Could Have

So for mama's birthday, yesterday, Taylor went and picked up Bri from far away Logan. It was a surprise for all of us! Bri and I stayed up LATE watching Moulin Rouge. Then we talked for a little bit and by the time I made it to reading my scriptures it was 1:45. Then I HAD to write in my journal cause that's just how I am now-a days. So I was asleep by 2:30. I know this because I did not hear the clock chime 2:30. And that means I was asleep before my head hit the pillow(if you were my daddy(or Landon) you would say pellow. But I am not them, so I say pillow.). I set my alarm for 10:30 so I could shower before my most favoritest.... customer?.... came over at 11. That would be Lillie Capri(I babysit her. She's my cousin's daughter.). I turned the volume on my phone all the way up so I would for sure wake up.
Well I got a call from Bri at 8:30 and her ring tone is the Startrek Voyager theme song. I'm pretty sure I jumped 3 feet in the air horizontally. You could say it gave me a fright. I couldn't go back to sleep after that. So I thought I'd catch up on some blogging.
At 9:30ish I thought, "I should go mow the back yard(because we all know that it NEEDS it BAD!!!)." But now it's 10:30 and I have to go take a shower so Lillie's parents don't think I'm a slob. Maybe I could mow the lawn while watching Lillie.... Then I could get paid double time. I will find a way!
So after all that, the moral of the story is....
I could have mowed the lawn.... but I didn't.


Here are a few of my favorite lines.
"I am a despicable human being."
"Do you smell that Blondie? Take a good breath through the nose. I'm getting part man smell and the other part really bad man smell. Over all it just smells like the color brown."
"Super human good looks, I've always had them. Born with it!"
"What I bought them.... Most of them."
Yeah I love that movie. It's the funniest thing since the Tarzan joke!
So if you haven't seen it.... YOU MUST SEE IT!!!!!!!
End. Of. Discussion.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pouring Out Blessings

So I had a bad night last night. I was really down on myself. So I started looking at my stickey notes that are placed all over my room and I found two that helped a little. And then I decided that I wanted to go to the temple in the morning. But I had no way to get there. Colton and I had talked about going to the temple this week. So I texted him and asked if he would be willing to go early in the morning so I could still get to youth conferance on time. He being the wonderful person he is said yes.
I set my alarm for 5am. I was out the door by 5:20 and to the temple by 5:45(if not sooner).
As I was walking into the temple I remembered something that President Hinckley said(this is the way I remember it so don't quote me if it's wrong), "It will all work out."
At that moment I was comforted. The second I walked into the temple I could feel the spirit.
I had a wonderful spiritual experiance durring the confermations. And as I was sitting waiting to be baptized I remembered my stickey notes. They read, "Oh how great is the plan of our God!" and, "Cheer up your hearts and remember!"
I thought to myself how can I be upset when I KNOW that the Lord has a plan. All I had to do was cheer up and remember.
How could any of us be so upset over so many little things when we know that the Lord has a plan and He is pouring out blessings to all of us, each and every day.
He loves us.
So cheer up your hearts and remember!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

And Then It Started To Rain

I was having a wonderful day! I woke up early(whenever dad was leaving the house this morning), I read some of my book, I watched last nights America's Got Talent, I got showered and ready for the day, I look super cute, I ran a few erraends, by this time it was 1:30, I started watching Iron Giant, and then I went to the kick off of Youth Conferance. I was having a BLAST!!! I caught up with my friends and we had a super ultra fantastic fireside(thank you president Watson!!!)!!!!! Then it was time for dessert. I hardly ever get dessert at church things because people don't think about the odd ones out, this was no change, but it doesn't bug me like it used to.
And then it got bad. Dad pulled me aside and told me that my licence had been revoked by the state, because, blah blah blah and, blah blah blah and all that jazz. So now I was upset. Then we were going to do a movie at Megan's house but I knew that I was going to be mister grumpy pants and I didn't want to ruin everyone else's night. So I walked Megan home instead. I texted my dad so that I wouldn't get left behind and forgotten about.... Yeah.... He didn't get that. So when I got back to the church, after walking Meg to her house, I was the only one there. I called dad, no answer. I called mom, no answer. So I sat in the grass for a little while and then dad called back wondering where I was. I told him I was at the church, he said he'd be there in a minute....
And then it started to rain.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making Fun of the Boys

Playing a video game,
Taylor, "Landon use it!"
Landon, "I can't!"
Taylor, "I'm getting eaten by a jelly fish!!!!!!"
Dad(sounding much like uncle Jeff), "NNNOOOOOOO!!!! NOOO!!! NOOO!!"
Landon, "Taylor come hurt me."

Monday, June 27, 2011


This is one of my bestest friends nicknames. She is wonderful.
The other day we were texting and talking about going to the mall. I asked her what she was doing at the moment.
Her response, "Putting toothpaste on my knee."
Does this strike anyone else as odd?
Bow Baby

I Have A Friend

I know that none of you would ever believe that I could have a friend, but I do. I have a couple of them accually. But right now I would like to focus on one by the name of Samm, yes with 2 m's.
She is someone that I look up to. And when I grow up I hope to be as inspiring and loving as she is. She has this amazing talent of making people feel like they have an ENORMOUS amount of worth!! And everyone does, but she can make YOU as an individual feel of your worth.
She has other wonderful talents such as,
Having the Spirit with her at all times
etc. etc.
She has constantly been on my mind of late and so I have been texting her alot. I facebook stock her. I even went to her house yesterday, she wasn't home, but I went.
I just keep wondering why she has been on my mind so much.... I guess it doesn't really matter as long as I keep checking in on her right?....*sigh*
Bow Baby

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blast From the Past

The other day I was at the library and I was looking at their kids movies and I saw the Magic School Bus. I had to get it! So when I was finished with it a couple days later I returned it and went to see if they had any more. They did, but I also found a TV show that I used to watch with my brothers. We loved it and it gave us all something to do and we would get along whalst doing it. The show was Pokemon. And because I was in a good mood and it sounded like fun I got it. Well now I have the whole first season on hold at the library.
But I am not the only one who is watching old silly TV shows because at this very moment Taylor and Logan are watching Power Rangers and they have been for the past 2 hours.
So Magic School Bus, Pokemon, and Power Rangers. You may call us silly or stupid or just plain old weird but it is fun to watch the things that you watched as a kid and just laugh at it. It's fun and healthy for you! So I encourage you all to go find a show that you used to watch as a kid weather it be at the library or on Netflix or just on you tube, watch it and laugh at it. Remember all the good times you had with your brothers pretending that you were trainers and had extraordinary adventures while trying to catch rare and unusual Pokemon. Do it. Embrace the weird.
Bow Baby

Who's Awsome?

If you didn't already know..... I am the awesome one!!!
Of course it's all my mom fault.
No Seriously!
On Monday after the two hour eye dr. appointment(don't even get me started on that one) she told me that I should go job hunting.
And so I got a gussied up and I went to Jordan Landing.
I went everywhere.
Dress Barn
Bath and Body Works
Payless Shoes
Famous Footwear
Barns and Noble
Shoe Carnival
Jamba Juice
Cold Stone
Yogurt Land
Desert Book
Rue 21
Suzie's Deals
and last but surely not least
Sub Zero(if you ask my dad it's called Frozone, but he's wrong)
Would you like to know which of these places I got a job?
FROZONE!!!!!! I didn't even fill out an application. I walked in and asked if they were accepting apps. and she interviewed me right there and then asked for my name and number and said I'll text you and we'll have you work a shift and see if it's a good fit. And I love it! I got paid for my 5 hour shift yesterday(well it will go on my paycheck) and I'm working again on Saturday. How incredibly awesome is that!?!?!
So just to sum up.
I am awesome.
But it is totally and completely my moms fault!!!!!! I guess that sorta means that she is more awesome then me..... And I agree with that!!! Because everyone knows that my mom is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bow Baby

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have this thing for olives.
I put them on anything that I feel like putting them on.
including pizza, hamburgers, tacos, ham sandwiches, and sandwich, soup, spagetti, my fingers, and so on.
I would have a bowl of olives for breakfast rather than a bowl of cereal.
You could almost go as far to say that it is a fettish of mine.
(I am sitting in my chair and my feet arent touching the ground.... That's how short I am.... Bummer right?)
We even get olives in our stockings at Christmas time!
And that's all I have to say about that.
Bow Baby

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You've Got Mail

Have you ever seen that movie called You've Got Mail?
Well in one part he is trying to explain why he didn't make the date they had planned. He's saying things like
.... And.... the elevator broke.... And.... we were stuck..... And.... My dog got sick.... And.... my mom was rushed to the hosipital..... And.... the power went out.... And..... etc.
Well that is how I felt last night.
We(my boyfriend and I) had planned on going to the temple in the morning. So I was trying to come up with a way to tell him I couldn't go without telling that I was on my period and I don't like tampons(I had completly forgoten that I was on my period until he left and I finally went to the bathroom(I don't know what it is but the thought of him being just in the other room when I am peeing weirds me out) and then I remembered).
Ecuses that came to mind....
..Blame mom.. that wont work why wouldn't mom let me go to the temple?
..Fake sick.. that wont work he was just here and I was completly fine.
..Don't tell him anything and pretend to sleep through my alarm.. that wont work Tay would just wake me up and they would wait for me to get ready.
..Tell the truth.. NOT AN OPTION!!!!!!!!!
..I'm hanging out with Megan and forgot about it til just barely..why on earth would I make plans with my friend for 8o'clock in the morning?.. unless.. I have chores to do before I go hang out with Megan at 10, plus I have to get ready for the day.... BINGO!!!!!!!
Now this is the story I told him.... and it is not a lie. I am hanging out with Megan and I do have things to do.. but it is posible that the things could be done later in the day.... But what he doesn't know wont kill him right? I made plans to go to the temple with him this comming Tuesday.
This story could also relate to the movie My Girl. Her guy friend comes over and asks her if she wants to go swimming. Of course she pushes him away and yells "AND DON'T COME BACK FROM FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS!!!". Which also could have worked for this situation.... but he would have guessed that and that is just as bad as me just telling him the truth!
This is sorta a no win situation.
Bow Baby

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I finally made it to 2nd Nephi!!!!!
Everyone should be proud of me and should tell me that I am fantastic!
Even though I already know how cool I am. (;
Bow Baby

What An Idiot!

Today I was suppose to be in Kamas helping with Ragnar. I signed up to be a volunteer.
I was going to wake up at 6 so I could be out of the house by 7 and on my way.
But alas I slept through my alarm.
That is one reason I'm an Idiot.
Then I stayed up until midnight thinking that I could wake up at 6 and be good to go for the day.
That is the other reason I am an Idiot.
So to sum up....
Bow Baby

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dr. Lady Said

I went to the Dr. Lady one monday.
She said....
"Since having gluten out of your diet has made you feel better, lets make it a perminent thing."
She also said....
"When you have even a tiny bit of gluten it takes your body at least two weeks to get it through your system."
I was upset.
You wanna know what I did?
I'm tellin' you any way.
I went to the temple.
As I was sitting there I got thinking about what the Dr. Lady had told me and I realized. That over these 6 months of no gluten I have taken the sacrament. Also I remembered what I had discovered the day before. Which was, that barbaque potato chips, yeah they have gluten in them. because the have barley flour in them and I didn't realize that barley(oats) had gluten in them until after I had already told everyone that I could have them. And because I thought I could have them I never read the ingredients again.... Well until sunday. If it takes your body at least two weeks to process gluten then really I haven't gone off of gluten this whole six months. Meaning, that it's not the diet that has helped.
Now you may be thinking, "She's just reasoning this out because she doesn't want to have to stay off gluten." And that may be partically true.
But after I had thought all of this out at the temple. I started praying to Heavenly Father. And asking Him if this was because that's what I wanted or because it is the truth.
I didn't get my answer right away. But after praying about it for the past 3 days. I feel that it is the truth. Not just what I want.
So somehow I am going to slowly start incorroperating gluten back into my diet. That doesn't mean that I'm going to go eat a slice of bread right now. But slowly and steadely I'm going to bring it back into my diet. And if it makes me feel sick again. I'll know to lay off.
Bow Baby

Sunday, June 12, 2011

After Six Months

I got the silver one(Mom got the gold one).
I love it!!! It is soooo pretty!!!
But the highlight was that I got my box!!!
Here are some pictures.

The note on the inside reads as follows....
The Keepsake Box
This keepsake box is a gift to you for earning the Young Women's highest award. It contains some useful symbols in its construction. The main body of the box is made from eastern sugar maple. Durring the years of it's life, it gave of its sweet sap to make maple syrup, in that time, the special curly grain pattern formed that gives the wood its beauty and warmth. This symbol should remind you that as we give of ourselves our own inner beauty grows and grows. The inlay is made from western black walnut. This is the same wood from which "The Hinckley Pulpit" in the conferance center was made. This symbol should remind you to always follow the living prophet and give heed to his words. The medallion in the center should help you to remember to keep the Savior the center of your life and make receiving the blessings of the Temple your goal. The bottom of the box is made from aromatic cedar, a wood known to keep insects and moths that corrupt from those sacred things that you'll store inside. This symbol should remind you to keep things that will be harmful to your spiritual well being out of your life. Let this small token be a reminder to you of your commitment to follow the Savior.
Congratulations on receiving your Young Woman's Recognition award.
Thank you for your kind and loving service to all.
Bow Baby

Friday, June 10, 2011

Laughing at Landon

I was texting Colton(boyfriend) and Landon was eves dropping. Then he asked....
Landon: Are you going on a hot date?
Me: We're just going to get a movie from Redbox and come home and watch it.
Without missing a beat Landon says: Don't get Hello Kitty. Guys don't like that kind of stuff.
The best part was that he said it with a completly strait face and he was totally serious!!!!
Funnyest little brother ever!!!!!!!
Bow Baby

My Own Box

After six months of waiting I am finally getting my young women's medallion!!!
I'm so excited to get it!!
But I might be a little bit more excited to get my box!!!
There is a man in our ward who makes all of the girls who get their medallions a box. It has the medallion big-a-sized on the top of the box. It is all symbolism. I don't remember what all of it means. But when I get my box I'll let you know.
He makes them anonymously but everyone knows who it is that makes them. We just don't talk about it. He is the sweetest man I have ever met(well except for my dad and grandpa fish). I am so excited to be one of the girls who's name goes on the plaque, and gets her box!
Bow Baby

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Wanna Hear a Funny Story?

I got pulled over today. While driving Flo(the mini van).
Times I've been pulled over: 2
Reason for being pulled over the first time: Expired plates.
Reason for the car not being impounded: The cop couldn't do it yet.
Reason for being pulled over the second time: Expired plates.
Reason for the car not being impounded: Nice cop.
Funny part of this story: Taylor has been driving Flo around for the past 6 months with the plates expired and wasn't pulled over. But as soon as I get behind the wheel. BAM! Cop. I think that it is a really good thing that I'm cute and innocent looking. Or that cop would have takin' my car away in a heart beat. So I take this time to thank my parents for making me cute! I love you! Thanks sooooo much!!!! (:
Bow Baby

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dreams, and Why They Stink.

For the past 4 nights all I've been able to dream about is who the next Bells Voix(bell v-wah) president is going to be.
Here's the thing.... I want to be Bells Voix president.
But alas I have dreamt that....
Joni has become president. But she just graduated so she can't be president.
Daniel has become president. But he can't be president over the womens choir because he's a boy. He is also a junior this comming year.
D. had all of the people that he wanted to be Bells Voix president come in and aduition. I was one of those people but I was up aginst my best friend Megan and Samm Bouldrin. And I didn't even try because either one of them is clearly more suitable for the job then me.
That he didn't make me president and I quit choir because of it.(which I wouldn't ever do but what an awful dream!)
And so I wish that he would just choose a president already!!!!!!! Or kill me so I can be put out of my missery!!!!! UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!
Bow Baby

I Think I'm Awsome Because....

.... I can shave my legs in under 10minutes
.... I have about 50 stuffed animals. Each and every one of them has a name.
.... I use to be able to chug a pint of milk, you know the ones you got at school with your lunch, in under 3seconds.
.... I have nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, you know SKILLS! (;
.... I laugh at my own jokes, and the dumbest jokes in the world, even if I'm the only one laughing! Do you want to know one of the funnyest dumbest jokes in the whole wide world!!!! You don't have a choice I'm telling you anyway!
What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants comming?
.... If I go out in the sunshine for more than 10minutes I can get sunburned. You wish you carried around sunscreen in your purse!
.... I have a dog named doofus or stu(which is short for stupid) or dummy or chicken or Bellatrix but usually the other ones. She'll answer to all of the above. (:
Now you think I'm awsome too!!!!! (:
Bow Baby

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day

Today was the last day of seminary.
It was a bitter sweet moment.
We had a testimony meeting.
The spirit was so strong.
I am so very grateful for all of the wonderful people in my class. They have strengthened my testimony.
I sure hope that there is summer seminary! (:
I love the gospel and I know it is true!
Bow Baby

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Taste of Taylor

Said loud and proud."Have no fear! My dirty underwear is not near!"
Bow Baby

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Wish You Were in My Seminary Class

I always feel the spirit in seminary but none as strong as what I felt today. I don't even know how to describe it. It was an overwhelming feeling of peace and love and everything good in this world. It was sugar and spice and everything nice. It was..... Marvelous. Wonderful. Amazing. Spectacular. Incredible. Lovely. It was a 'just try' moment. I don't know how else to explain it. But you all wish you were in my seminary class!
Bow Baby

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have a friend named Joni. She is in my early morning seminary class. She has a very strong testimony, and she is not afraid to share it with the world. She has always been very nice to me, and even when I'm looking ugly and feeling gross she tells me that I am beautiful! She is one of the reasons I go to seminary every morning. Whenever I'm not there, the next time I am there she tells me how much she missed me and how she couldn't wait to see my smiling face again. Joni gives me self esteem, she gives everyone self esteem. She is beautiful and wonderful and she strengthens my testimony.
Dear Joni, Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with me, it has strengthend my testimony. Thank you for being kind to me and for always telling me how much you love me. I will never forget you and the wonderful impression you have left on my heart. Thanks for everything!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time!

I walked outside this morning and it smelled like SPRING!
Can you think of anything more lovely in this world?!
There are tulips everywhere!
The sun is shining the tank is clean!
The trees are (as my mom would say) "decidedly green".
The grass needs to be mowed.
There are ugly dandy lions.
Birds singing when you go outside.
It's only 7:45 and it's 43* outside.
All I can do is smile! (:
Bow Baby

Friday, April 29, 2011

Choir Tour/ Phantom of the Opera

We went to see Phantom of the Opera in Vegas.
It was at a hotel that I can't spell so.... I won't even try.
It was an amazing show!
I went into a casino for the very first time.
It smelled bad. I wouldn't go back.
Proof that my parents came on this trip.
Megan and I.
Denise doing Kaitlyn's hair.
Their bus didn't have outlets like ours did. (:
Tia's happy to be out of the bus.... I think.
Group picture!!!
Our group was way to big to get it in one shot.
Denise, Breezie, Tia, Kaitlyn, and Me.
There was a waterfall in the hotel!
That's pretty cool.
Me and Mama.
Ohhh. How adorable.
Walking in heals hurts.
Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Dinner Cruise

Our dinner cruise was fun.
We had taco's and they were way good!
There was a lot of dancing and laughing and talking and just chillin'.
This sadly was not our cruise ship. But it is the Disney cruise liner.
I had to take a picture.
We went into a beautiful harbor and there was standing a lighthouse.
And it was Marvelous!
Kaitlyn was having so much fun!
Dad was showing Spencer how to give a proper massage.
The girl is Taylor. She loved being the example!
Dad ended up giving massages to 5 or 6 people.

Dylan Johnson.
Doesn't he look fabulous in purple?!
Renae Rowley.
She's so beautiful!
(and that's Carly and Nick looking at Carly's camera)
Jeanann Blake.
She has the best shoes ever!
To bad there not in this picture huh?
Colton Plouzek.
He's so tall it looks like his head is touching the celing.
(It almost was.)
Charrissa Campbell.
She's beautiful. End of story.
Spencer Weight.
He's one of the sillyest boys I know.
Kaitlyn and I.
We are Beautiful.
Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Crystal Cathedral

This is the Crystel Cathedral.
It is a beautiful work of art.
You could feel the spirit when you were there.

This is the Concert Choir.
We sang one of our concert pieces called, I Am Not Yours.
The Madrigals.
They also sang one of their concert pieces, I don't know what it's called.
But it was WONDERFUL!

Bow Baby