Friday, October 14, 2011

Financial Lit.

I am in Financial Literacy at the moment.... Boring.
She let us get on the computers to finnish an assignment, what she doesn't know is that everybody finnished their assignments and we just wanted to get on the computers because that is more fun than this boring class.
I am rather positive that my IQ lowers just by walking into this room. All the assignments are no brainers and I feel like I know more about this stuff then she does.... I guess it's a good thing that it's only a semester class.
Next I have lunch(I forgot to bring a lunch and I have no lunch money so I'll have to run home really fast and grab something) and then I have CERAMICS!!!! Which I love more than choir. And choir is the last period of the day and we are starting CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!! If I haven't mentioned it before Christmas music is my FAVORITE!!!!
That's the clean up bell!!! Horray!!!!


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