Friday, October 29, 2010

Something Wonderful Happening in Ashtyn's Life!

Would you like to know this something Wonderful happening in Ashtyn's life?

I'm tellin' anyway!

I am officially DONE with drivers ed.!

Did you know that that is the reason for my good day today! Well that and I got to wear ALL pink to school today! Yeah I looked DANG cute!!!!!! And I'm Humble too! :D

Have the most fantastic, wonderful, amazing, marvolous day ever!(cause you deserve it!)

Bow Baby

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The School Bathroom

WARNING: Content may include the subject of Poop. If this grosses you out in any way STOP READING NOW.

You know when your at school and all the sudden it hits you that you have to go to the bathroom REALLY BAD? And this is no regular "Oh I just have to pee." bathroom break, this is that and more. That is the worst thing in the world.

So then you ask the teacher for the hall pass and off you go to the bathroom hoping and praying that there is no one else in the bathroom. Because it is weird when you accidentally fart and then you get out of the stalls at the dame time.... not good at all.

But of course someone was there.

And apparently she had to poop to.

So you sit there and try not to fart and hope that the person in the other stall does not know you.

Then you finish and you wait so you don't run into each other as you go to wash your hands. You hear her flush right as your about to walk out of the stall... But then you hear a wonderful sound. someone else has now entered the bathroom and can take blame for the "noises". But you hear something else also... the toilet paper roll form the stall that you know had the other girl in there is still rolling.

And now you know you are safe to walk out and wash your hands. Because this girl was just doing a courtesy flush. What a wonderful thing.

Bow Baby

Friday, October 22, 2010

What She Didn't Know

So in July I got my permit. I think that I'm a pretty good driver. At least I'm better than I was when I first got my permit. You can ask my mom she'll tell you.

So my mom asked me to take some flyer's to people in the ward for them to pass out at church on Sunday because she's out of town.

I asked her if I could take the car.
She said that that was fine. So I grabbed the keys and went to the garage and Buzz wasn't there(the little green car).

So I went down stairs and asked where the car was. The boys took it camping. Well the only other two cars that were there are both stick shift. I can't drive that.

So my aunt being the wonderful person she is let me take her mini van.

What she didn't know was that I had never driven by myself before. So unknowingly she put her one and only car into these young inexperienced hands.

I am proud to say that her car is in one piece and I was totally safe the whole time!

WOOT!!!!! GO ME!!!!!!

Bow Baby

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Favorite Aunt

I don't actually have a favorite aunt. You see I love them all dearly! I couldn't choose just one. So I choose to love them ALL!

My Auntie J. called me today to tell me that her daughters daughter(I don't know how I'm related to her so...) looks just like me! She told me that we are both so cute and that she could be my daughter instead of my cousins daughter.(I hope all of that makes sense.)

When I answered the phone I said "Hello!" with a cheery disposition of course! :D
She replied by saying "Is this Ashtyn?"
"Hi! This is your Favorite Aunt Jenny!"

And it turns out that she is my Favorite Aunt Jenny. Cause she's my only Aunt Jenny(if you didn't catch that). I love her dearly. That is how she always says hi on the phone and I love it!!!!!!!

Aunt Tiff don't be upset. You are my Favorite Aunt Tiff!

Bow Baby

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reality Check

I'm pretty sure that I was living in a fantasy world. I thought that everyone had as good a life as i did. I didn't even realize how Fantastic my life really is and how everyone wish for that perfect family and I somehow got that.
Today I was handed a Reality Check.

I realized that I have friends who don't have both parents living with them or they don't have a dad or a mom. But the only reason that I realized this is because I went to my friend Samm's house for Glee night. I walked in like I usually do without knocking(because her mom told me that that is the way it was done) and I set my cake on the counter and MeeMa was sitting on the couch. I looked at her and she said to me,

"Can I help you?"

I replied "Hi. I'm here for Glee night."

She then said "What's your name?"

"Ashtyn." I was now getting a little worried.

"Are you here to see Samm?" she asked.

"Yes." I choked back a tear because it was then that I realized that she really didn't remember me. Honest to goodness could not remember.

She then called for Samm and she asked her who I was and if it was alright that I had walked into the house without knocking.

Samm later explained that sometimes her mom forgets things. Lots of things.

I knew that MeeMa had MS, but I didn't realize how bad MS is.

My mom has/had(I'm not sure which one) MS but it has never been like that at all. Yes my mom is a little scatter brained but what mom isn't? I NEVER thought in a million years that it was like that. I didn't know, or maybe I didn't want to know, how much goes on outside of my little world. Does that make me a bad person? I sure hope not.

But I have now set a goal and that is to appreciate everything that I have and help those who need it. Like my friend Samm. All she needed tonight was a good friend who would listen and I was there for her. I strive to be that person that people know they can lean on. I hope that you all know how much I love and appreciate all that you do!

Cherish all those around you and you will always have someone that will Cherish you.

Bow Baby

Monday, October 18, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are only 9 days left in the quarter?

Did you know that my Friend Katie just got home from a 2 week vacation in Disney World?

Did you know that my Fried Megan was sick today and I missed her a lot?

Did you know that my little brother has made a new friend and he might be my favorite of all Landon's friends?

Did you know that my parents and sister are going to Vegas to run Ragnar this week?

Did you know that Taylor is an amazing choir treasurer?

Did you know that little Tommy is 1 year old?

Did you know that I have a Very PINK phone!?

BUT most of all...

DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT OF DRIVERS ED.!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My friend stephen is turring 17 today. I just wanted to wish him a very happy birthday!

He is one of the best friends I've ever had and I am so so so so very lucky that he is my friend! Him and I met at Entheos and the first year we didn't even talk to eachother. We were in different clique's and it was socially unexceptable for us to talk to eachother. Then 8th grade came around and we were partners for a project and we got to know eachother. I was instantly "in love" with him. I wanted to get to know him better and I wanted him to be my best friend!

We had some really fun times that year! We laughed and played and ate lunch! What else are you going to do at school. He became part of our group, and we were glad to see an addition!



Bow Baby

It's a Wednesday Friday!!!

Wednesday Friday's are the best day's!!!

Let me explain...
Today is Wednesday but it is also the last day of the school week. Hence, Wednesday Friday!

It really is a spectacular thing!


Bow Baby

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last night we had our first Choir Concert!


Not to brag or anything!

I was so proud of us!

And of course mom forgot the camera so no pictures.(bummer)

I had so much fun and I totally remember why I love to sing!

If you are wondering what that reason is I will tell you.

It is the way that the spirit comes. No matter what you're singing. He comes to tell everyone who's listening how much that song means to you and to them. It's the way that it can make me feel so HAPPY even when I've had the worst of days. It's the way that you can always just close your eyes and listen to the beautiful sound that is engulfing and surrounding you. It is the most wonderful thing in the world!(I would just like to inform you that I spelt everything in this paragraph right the first time!(WOOT)(GO ME))

Bow Baby

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Girls Night

Last night my mom, sister and I drove to park city(I drove there). We went to the outlets and bought NEW BRAS!!!!!

Isn't that just the most fabulous thing ever?!

I love the feel of a new bra... ahh... a little silce of heaven.

Bow Baby

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Essay for History!

We are learning about the Declaration of Independence in my history class. She told us on Friday that we need to write an essay/paper on the DoI. But that the paper was suppose to be the DoI but sept fer in more smiple terms. You were suppose to write it as if you were someone else writing the DoI.

She read us some examples.

1) Yoda, All men are created equal young padaone.

2) Ganster, Yo Dog don't you know that all men are equal Yo!

3) Valley Girl, Like Oh My Gosh so like all men are equal right!

4) Teacher, So you see class all men were created equal.

5) Text, All men R cre8d =. :)

and so on...

I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do mine....


Little Markie Markie came upstairs and stared talking to me. And the wheels in my head stared turning. What if I did mine in little kid speek. Then I won't be graded on spelling(we ALL know that I can't do that anyway) and it would be fun and easy! Fun yes. Easy no. But here it is if you feel like reading it.

We fink dat all guys arew da same, dat day all have wites, da wites arew, Wife, Wiberity, an da pasut ov happiness. When ne kind ov goverment tarts to take away deese witer it is up to da peepol to change or top it, an put in a new goverment, putting a bace on da valies, an sort out its powrs dat will most help da peepol's happiness. Day should not change or top ot of no on is doing bad stuff, but dere arew bad peeple in da wold an if day arew being mean, da peepol have an duty to cwush dat goverment an give new gawrds for dere future saftety.

In evwefing dat we did go froo we wote to da king an hoped for da best, but evwe time da king hurted us. He is a bad guy an should not be king to da fwee peepol.

We dinit want dere help neway. An we tod deme dat we dinit want deme to have contwol over us. We minded deme why we moved here. Day dinit listen, like day was deaf to us. So we arew going to tell deme dat we don wnat to be wif deme nemore, and dat we see deme as eminees in war, in peace, and friends.

We, da peepol ov da U.S. congress have chosin dat da colonees should be a fwee peepol wif tates, an we won be pawt ov Gwate Bwtin. We will be fwee tates an we will have power to call wat, bwing peace, an make ouw own Acts, an under fings fwee tates arew awowd to do. We give ouw wod to eech uhder ouw Wives, ouw Fortens, an ouw sakewed Honor.


Bow Baby

Friday, October 1, 2010


I was for certain that I was going to HATE my history class this year. I've never cared much for history and I was sure that no history teacher could be better than Ms. Almond.


Ms. Simmons is fun and she always has something for us to do. We constantly play games that help us to learn the material. I absolutely LOVE that class!

Well the other day we had a test. I was freaking out because I didn't feel like I had studied enough. I was so nervous!

I got the test and I realized that because I had done the study guide I knew what a lot of the answers were. I was so happy that I passed that test! The THREE hours that I spent on that study guide paid off!

Bow Baby