Thursday, February 24, 2011


I turn on music anytime I can and my family hates it! My sister calls me a music slut because of it. What they don't know is that I hate when it's quiet.

I think I'm scared of silence.... Is that possible?.... I don't know why I'm scarred of it but I am....

The house is empty right now.... Bells doesn't even have the decency to bark or something. So I'm listening to my playlist.... It makes me feel better. :)

Bow Baby

Wonderful Mama

About a month ago I finished my Personal Progress. I told my mama that it would be so super cool if she could get hers done and then we could get our Medallions together. She has been working tirelessly since then to get it done.

One of her projects is making baby blankets to give to the hospital so they can give them to the parents who have lost their baby's. I wanted to participate because it is a wonderful cause and because I wanted to support my mama in her efforts to finish her personal progress.

I am crocheting a baby blanket. It is not the most beautiful blanket in the world and it looks nothing like the ones my mama has made. But.... it is made with love. Love for my Mama and all the thought and effort she has put into this project. And love for all the parents who have lost their sweet little babies.

My mama teaches by example.... She has taught me many things in my life. And now she is teaching me, and everyone else around her, how to love all of Heavenly Father's children. We already know that we should love them, but by taking some time out of your busy schedual to make a baby blanket for those who have lost some one so precious to their hearts, that is how we show that we do love them and think about them and care about them.

I don't know who will get my crudely made blanket, but I do know that whoever gets it will know that I made it with all the love in my heart.

All of these things I know to be true. I know cause my mama taught me so. She is the most WONDERFUL Mama anyone could ask for! I am grateful for her and all that she teaches me!

I love you Mama!!!!

Love, Sassy

Monday, February 7, 2011

Un-Valentines-Day (:

My Bestest Friend and I are have an Un-Valentines-Day (: party/"date" this comming Friday. Because she can't do it on Saterday which is the day of the Sweethearts dance at school. She isn't old enough to go and I don't have enough money to go. All of our other friends are going though so it will just be the two of us at this party(three is a crowed right?). We decided that the theme will be DISNEY and we could watch all sorts of disney movies. She suggested this list...

1: Beauty and the Beast
2: Tarzan
3: The Little Mermaid
4: Cinderella
5: Phocohontas
6: Lion King
7: Tangled
8: Peter Pan
9: Snow White
10: Fox and the Hound
11: Sleeping Beauty
12: Hercules
13: Hunchback of Notre Dame
14: Anastasia
15: Lady and the Tramp
16: Enchanted

I got so excited because we owned all of these movies except Peter Pan!!!! And then I remember the tragity that occured this summer..... It includes my mom throwing all of our VHS's away!!!! We all constantly remind her of this because now instead of having all of these movies we have 4 of them. ONLY FOUR!!!!! How heart CRUSHING(because on BONES it says that the heart is a muscle and therefore can not be broken only crushed.) is that!!!! So I don't know what we will do. Any ideas?

Bow Baby

A Full Wallet

I have a very Cute Superman Wallet.

And latley it has been very empty looking.

But not today!

Because on Saterday I was paid for my babysitting services.

Which means there are DOLLARS in my Cute Superman Wallet!!!!!!

And today I got a letter in the mail from the Utah Department of Public Saftey Driver Licence Division.

Which means I have a Utah Driver Certificate or Identification Card in my Cute Superman Wallet!!!!

Which means I HAVE A DRIVERS LICENCE!!!!! In my Cute Superman Wallet!


YEA ME!!!!!

Bow Baby