Friday, April 29, 2011

Choir Tour/ Phantom of the Opera

We went to see Phantom of the Opera in Vegas.
It was at a hotel that I can't spell so.... I won't even try.
It was an amazing show!
I went into a casino for the very first time.
It smelled bad. I wouldn't go back.
Proof that my parents came on this trip.
Megan and I.
Denise doing Kaitlyn's hair.
Their bus didn't have outlets like ours did. (:
Tia's happy to be out of the bus.... I think.
Group picture!!!
Our group was way to big to get it in one shot.
Denise, Breezie, Tia, Kaitlyn, and Me.
There was a waterfall in the hotel!
That's pretty cool.
Me and Mama.
Ohhh. How adorable.
Walking in heals hurts.
Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

I'm really glad Kelly let us do a big group picture. And I'm really glad we got to see this show. And I'm especially glad I got to hang out with you!