Sunday, June 12, 2011

After Six Months

I got the silver one(Mom got the gold one).
I love it!!! It is soooo pretty!!!
But the highlight was that I got my box!!!
Here are some pictures.

The note on the inside reads as follows....
The Keepsake Box
This keepsake box is a gift to you for earning the Young Women's highest award. It contains some useful symbols in its construction. The main body of the box is made from eastern sugar maple. Durring the years of it's life, it gave of its sweet sap to make maple syrup, in that time, the special curly grain pattern formed that gives the wood its beauty and warmth. This symbol should remind you that as we give of ourselves our own inner beauty grows and grows. The inlay is made from western black walnut. This is the same wood from which "The Hinckley Pulpit" in the conferance center was made. This symbol should remind you to always follow the living prophet and give heed to his words. The medallion in the center should help you to remember to keep the Savior the center of your life and make receiving the blessings of the Temple your goal. The bottom of the box is made from aromatic cedar, a wood known to keep insects and moths that corrupt from those sacred things that you'll store inside. This symbol should remind you to keep things that will be harmful to your spiritual well being out of your life. Let this small token be a reminder to you of your commitment to follow the Savior.
Congratulations on receiving your Young Woman's Recognition award.
Thank you for your kind and loving service to all.
Bow Baby


Briana said...

Congrats Sassy! I am so proud of you! Even though you are the younger sister, I admire and look up to you so much! You are such an amazing example and I am proud to call you my sister!

Bow Baby said...

Thanks Brana!!!