Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Done With This Day

It started out very good. I got up,got ready, went to seminary, had a great lesson, got to school early, sang only 2 songs in Bells Voix(but we took up the whole time(the girls could sing them)) we were just perfecting today. And then.....
-Mentor period(A stupid waste of time the school came up with to waste our time and throw off our schedules), we have a new kid on our class(we had the same class since our sophomore year) and he's really smart, but he treats everyone else like their stupid. I don't like that. I am not a child. Just cause you're smart doesn't mean that everyone else is completely stupid. And lucky me I get to sit by him. He is really nice, and he's kind-a cute, but do you have to treat me that way?
-Financial Lit. We had a guest speaker, she was better than the one we usually have, but it just dragged on and on and on and on and on.... and on. So I worked on my packet and I got a whole section done(only 5 to go), then we watched some Oprah Winfrey, some people are really stupid. "You guys I don't get it!"
-Lunch was good.
-Ceramics was great, fantastic, phenomenal, marvelous, spectacular, amazing. Have I ever mentioned that I love that class?
-Choir was fun. I don't have a seat. My section leader is a beast. The girl I had to sit by today was tone deaf(I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and guess that she was sick). Ms. Lechman was sorta grumpy. D was stressin' out. But man do we sound GOOD!
-After school I went into the counseling center to talk to my counselor, but alas they wont let me talk to Ms. Bell who has been my counselor since ever, so I have to talk to the new guy who ended up not being there after I waited for 20minutes.
-I got home at 3:05 and got something to eat and then I went to the library(which took A LOT longer than I had had planned).
-I planned on going job hunting, I asked a few people to write a recommendation letter and the only person who actually got one to me was the person I thought wouldn't do it. I filled out ONE, and then I had to leave to go pick up my brother from work.
-I got lost. In rush hour traffic. And I used up all my gas looking for it. That gas was suppose to last me until Thanksgiving break.
-I still need to look up things to see if I qualify for a scholarship to SNOW.
-I'm hungry I only had a few animal crackers after school. I want a hot dog.
-I want to go to bed and to stop having nightmares...... and I'm hungry mama. I really and hungry.
I'm Done With This Day!


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