Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's Awsome?

If you didn't already know..... I am the awesome one!!!
Of course it's all my mom fault.
No Seriously!
On Monday after the two hour eye dr. appointment(don't even get me started on that one) she told me that I should go job hunting.
And so I got a gussied up and I went to Jordan Landing.
I went everywhere.
Dress Barn
Bath and Body Works
Payless Shoes
Famous Footwear
Barns and Noble
Shoe Carnival
Jamba Juice
Cold Stone
Yogurt Land
Desert Book
Rue 21
Suzie's Deals
and last but surely not least
Sub Zero(if you ask my dad it's called Frozone, but he's wrong)
Would you like to know which of these places I got a job?
FROZONE!!!!!! I didn't even fill out an application. I walked in and asked if they were accepting apps. and she interviewed me right there and then asked for my name and number and said I'll text you and we'll have you work a shift and see if it's a good fit. And I love it! I got paid for my 5 hour shift yesterday(well it will go on my paycheck) and I'm working again on Saturday. How incredibly awesome is that!?!?!
So just to sum up.
I am awesome.
But it is totally and completely my moms fault!!!!!! I guess that sorta means that she is more awesome then me..... And I agree with that!!! Because everyone knows that my mom is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bow Baby


wjmom said...

You. Are. Awesome.

(Must be genetic)

The Vuki Family said...

Oh that's so interesting because I have an awesome Mom too! Congrats on your cool job! Ha no pun intended! Get it, COOL?

Bow Baby said...

It took me a second.... But I got it. (: