Friday, April 29, 2011

Choir Tour/ Phantom of the Opera

We went to see Phantom of the Opera in Vegas.
It was at a hotel that I can't spell so.... I won't even try.
It was an amazing show!
I went into a casino for the very first time.
It smelled bad. I wouldn't go back.
Proof that my parents came on this trip.
Megan and I.
Denise doing Kaitlyn's hair.
Their bus didn't have outlets like ours did. (:
Tia's happy to be out of the bus.... I think.
Group picture!!!
Our group was way to big to get it in one shot.
Denise, Breezie, Tia, Kaitlyn, and Me.
There was a waterfall in the hotel!
That's pretty cool.
Me and Mama.
Ohhh. How adorable.
Walking in heals hurts.
Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Dinner Cruise

Our dinner cruise was fun.
We had taco's and they were way good!
There was a lot of dancing and laughing and talking and just chillin'.
This sadly was not our cruise ship. But it is the Disney cruise liner.
I had to take a picture.
We went into a beautiful harbor and there was standing a lighthouse.
And it was Marvelous!
Kaitlyn was having so much fun!
Dad was showing Spencer how to give a proper massage.
The girl is Taylor. She loved being the example!
Dad ended up giving massages to 5 or 6 people.

Dylan Johnson.
Doesn't he look fabulous in purple?!
Renae Rowley.
She's so beautiful!
(and that's Carly and Nick looking at Carly's camera)
Jeanann Blake.
She has the best shoes ever!
To bad there not in this picture huh?
Colton Plouzek.
He's so tall it looks like his head is touching the celing.
(It almost was.)
Charrissa Campbell.
She's beautiful. End of story.
Spencer Weight.
He's one of the sillyest boys I know.
Kaitlyn and I.
We are Beautiful.
Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Crystal Cathedral

This is the Crystel Cathedral.
It is a beautiful work of art.
You could feel the spirit when you were there.

This is the Concert Choir.
We sang one of our concert pieces called, I Am Not Yours.
The Madrigals.
They also sang one of their concert pieces, I don't know what it's called.
But it was WONDERFUL!

Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Sleepers

Everyone on our bus did quite a lot of sleeping. Including me.
But these were some of my favorites.
Austin Folton. He slept this way on almost all of the bus rides.
Charrissa Campbell and Katie Abbott.
Charrissa's head was forward and all of her beautiful red hair was in her face.
Katie Abbott looks just like her dad but sept fer with long hair and purple sunglasses.
My most favorite of all!!! My big brother Taylor and his girlfriend Lindsey Bird.
Aahhhh. How cute is that!!!!
Colton Plouzek. He is one of the tallest people I know and he just looked so funny squished up on those two seats. It was the only way he fit. (:
Bow Baby


My room mates
(left to right: Breezie, Tia, Denise, Kaitlyn, Me)

Walk of Fame!

I don't remember what this is called but it's where all the hand prints and foot prints are! They had Donald Duck's there too! (:
The manican was broken and the nice store lady let us take pictures.
Denise and Breezie on the cute little horse.
Kaitlyn and I on the cute little horse.
I saw these sunglasses and I thought they were really funny looking.
Now that I look at them I sorta like em'.
Denise has the best sense of humor ever!
She would fit in great with my moms side of the family! (:
It was pink funiture! How can you pass that up?!
The stool that Breezie is sitting on was Bedazled with rinestones!
Tia, Denise, and the most creepy manican EVER!
Breezie looks awsome in that hat! Don't you think?
We needed a picture with Mickey Mouse.
Mom got a picture with Tom Cruise! It made her happy! (:
Over all Hollywood was sorta gross and it stunk and there were a lot of really weird people. But it was fun to go and now I can say that I have seen the hollywood sign in person! And mom can say she got a picture with Tom Cruise!
Bow Baby

Choir Tour/ Disneyland

Everyone is excited to be going to DISNEYLAND!!
Kaitlyn and her little kiddie sunglasses.

Megan pulling a funny face cause WE ARE GIONG TO DISNEYLAND!!!
Our first sighting of mickey mouse.

The gates. WE WANT IN!!!!

Let the memories begin!
Walking down mainstreet.
Skipping down mainstreet.
Indiana Jones here we come!
Our group(I'm in there to.... you just can't see me....)
And then the camera died. Bummer right.
Bow Baby