Saturday, September 17, 2011

A New School Year

This school year I am a senior.
When I tell people I'm a sennior they usally say "HOLY HELL! YOU'RE A SENIOR?!?!"(and no I am not making that up)
I have decided that they don't think I'm a senior because I am so incrediblly short. But I am not the shortest one at school so I think it will be okay.
The other day I was in the bathroom and a little sophmore girl came in with all her friends and they were fixing their hair and talking about all the cute boys they know and how "OMG! He sits next to me in spanish class!!!" I didn't even have to ask what grade they were in. I knew because of the way they acted.
My friend Kaitlyn has a new friend who's a sophmore(We'll call her Squash). The other day we were all talking about something(I don't remember what it was) and Squash wouldn't drop the subject. After a while Squash left and Kaitlyn said "Uuugggg she's so obnoxious! Why couldn't she just drop it? Why is it such a big deal? I don't get it!!!" I said in reply "She's a sophmore. They're all like that." Kaitlyn then said, "Was I like that." I told her yes.
Anyway I find it intresting the way you can tell the differance between a sophmore and a senior. Even if they look old enough to be a senior by the way they act you can tell that they are sophmores.
That again got me thinking of how people thinnk that I am a sophmore. Am I like Squash? Then a girl in my ASL(American Sign Language) class said that she guessed that I was a senior it was my voice that made me seem younger. So now not only is it because I'm short, it's cause my voice is to high. *sigh* I guess I'll never look old enough to be a senior.
I think it's okay for now though because I don't feel old enough to be a senior. Maybe by the end of the year people will think I'm a senior and maybe I'll look like one(I don't know how I'll look like a senior if I stay 5'3".
I'll worry about it some other time.

Bow Baby

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