Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day!

Rules of being a girl on the First day of school.

Rule 1) Look your absolute BEST!

Rule 2) SMILE!(you never know what cute boy is looking)

Rule 3) Even if your outfit is killing you smile because beauty is pain.

Rule 4) Act excited to see someone even if your not.(all girls do this. I'm not a jerk. Plus sometimes you just can't wait for that annoying person to start bugging you again.)

Rule 5) HUG EVERYONE!!!! This is an essential if you want to keep your friends.

Rule 6) Flirt(because your a girl and you can)

Rule 7) find out where all your best friends lockers are and get their combo's so you can leave secret messages for them when they are having bad days(later in the year that is).

Rule 8) When someone complements your outfit(refer to Rule 1) say thank you, it's the first day of school and I wanted to look my best!

Rule 9) Play it up! Remember that it is the first day and everyone is allowed to make a fool of themselves on the first day.

Rule 10) Remember that it is a new year and you can make new friends and new mistakes.

Rules of being a guy on the first day of school.

Rule 1) Put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and don't worry about the hair it looks fine bedhead-ish get to school so you aren't late.

It is so much harder to be a girl then it is to be a guy.... It is also SO much more fun to be a girl!

When you walk into the school and people tell you, "You look radiant!" or "You are beautiful!" or "I love your hair!", that's when it is better to be a girl. Boys don't get those compliments and girls always do!

I did look beautiful today AND I felt beautiful and that is what matters!

Happy first days to everyone!

Bow Baby


wjmom said...

Was your new outfit uncomfortable? Bummer!

wjmom said...

P.S. Did anyone think to take first day of school pictures?