Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Everyone is at my house this week.... Well some of them are here for a long while. It just seems that having 18 people in my house... although it is a rather large house.... is just to many. I love them all very much but having us all cramped in one house is way to much for me.

I went shopping with Aunt Tiff and Bri last night and we had a blast! We bought a lot of candy for my party. And a lot of fruit, because we like it. Before we went shopping we went to Artic Circle and got shakes and I got fries mom came with us there... she just wanted some ice cream then we took her home... I don't know why she didn't want to be out with us until midnight... She just had work the next day... What's up with that?... Then we went to win co and bought lots of food and candy. After that we went to 7eleven and got Slurpee's and a couple of movies and then we went home and unloaded the food and then had some chips and salsa and watched one of the movies that we bought... It's called taken and it is intense!

I had a very fun night it was worth staying up until 3 in the morning!


wjmom said...

You're a nut!

Jacqueline said...

lol. Oh ASH!! I'm glad you are such a fun girl! Live it up girl! :)