Monday, June 7, 2010

Horray for CD's!

We made CD's of our songs for choir.....


I love it!
I didn't realize how good we were until I heard us!
And guess what we are WAY SUPER MEGA FOXY AWSOME!!!!!!!!(move quote)
But they spelt one of our songs wrong on the back of the case. Sort of upset about that because it is the best song and our favorite.

The CD has both Belles Voix(B-ell V-wah(the womens choir)) and Take 10(T-ake T-en(the mens choir)) on it!

Mens choirs are so HOT!!!!!!

You can't help but love them!!!!!
Not only are they HOT but they sound beautiful?.... manly?.... wonderful?....
Well whatever the word for it is thats the way they sound! ;)

I have had so much fun in choir this year!
It has taught me so many things. Like....
Self Esteme
How to be a good friend
How to sing well
and just to be a good person.

I have loved every minute of it and I can't wait for next year!

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wjmom said...

I heard your CD playing this morning and thought, "Wow! They sound good." I think it's fun that you have the CD to remember the fun and learning in choir for the rest of your life!

Love you!