Monday, June 14, 2010

Wonderful Experiances at Youth Conferance

It was a long drive to youth conferance. We left at ten in the morning and made one stop and we didn't get there until about 2:10. But durring that car ride we talked about a lot of different things..... From stuff like the T.V. show the Bacholor to spiritual things.... how to help the girls in the ward that are struggling and things like that. It was a very good drive and I was glad that I could have that experiance.

When we got there I was shown where I was sleeping... I had time to set my things down an get a jacket and then I was off planting potatos. We had to make the rows..... I'll tell you right now that they make it look so easy ing the movies. I thought "Hey that won't be to hard."..... I was sorley mistaken.

It was hard work. We did it in the rain! One of the people in our group had said "Bateman it's cold and it's raining can't we just go back to the house?"

He replied, "Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow, or Shine, we will plant these potatoes."

At first I was pestered about this, Mostly because we weren't even going to be able to the potatoes. Then I got thinking.... We weren't but someone else was.... Because I was planting potatoes in the rain someone else would have a meal.

Because of this experiance.... Because of what Bateman told me.... I now have a testimony of service. You don't realize how much you can help someone else through service. All I had to do was plant the seed and rest will come naturally.

This youth conferance was a blessing to many people. Including me. I have learned a lot from the little time I was there. I am so glad that we have youth conferance. I like that you get to know people you would never think about being friends with. You make great friendships at youth conferance, you also learn wonderful skills that will help you through your life time. These are the things I am greatful for. There is nothing else in the world that can help the youth of this generation more than youth conferance. This I believe and testify to you.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bow Baby

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