Monday, June 7, 2010

SUMMER!.... Well sort of...

I'm taking a math class over the summer.

And it's not because I failed my other one because I didn't.
I'm taking it because it will take of my whole math credit. My last math credit if you want to be exact. I will miss youth conferance. Which is really upsetting... but no more math my jr. or senior years! HORRAY!
It's not like it's all summer either. Just the month of june. But it is all day. 1-5 mondays & wednesday and 8-3 tuesday & thursday. So it's school.
But better a month than 9 months.... Right?... RIGHT!
I'm a little nervous.... but it will be good.... I hope.
Some Good Things About Math Over The Summer...
1) No math jr. or sr. year
2) One month not 9
3) Two math teachers for one class
4) One on one with teachers
5) Not on Fridays
6) Not all day.... Just most of the day :)-
7) Make new friends
8) I won't sleep the summer away
9) I will be on a sleep schedule
10) I will have something to do durring the day
11) No homework(big plus!)

Well that's all I can think of right now.... Maybe once I get into the class I'll think of others... But for now this will have to do.
Well I need to get my stuff together. Don't want to be unprepared on my first day.

Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

Love your new background! Have fun at school.