Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Things

I told you I was taking a math class and I have come up with a few more reasons why it is a Good Thing...

1) The kids there, want to be there so they particepate.

2) The kids there are way funny.

3) I have made some friends.

4) One boy has a crush on me. Who can blame him? :)

5) The teachers are amazing!

6) The teachers are good at teaching.... meaning... I can understand them.

7) We have finnished chapters 1-2 and taken a test on them... in two days... I don't forget what I've learned because it was only yesterday so I did well on my test.

8) The days go by fast because you don't have the same teacher all day everyday.

9) There are 4 teachers. There is always someone who can help you.

10) The kids are really nice and they are willing to help with anything and everything.

So all in all I am having a good time and I'm doing well. I enjoy the class and I'm not to bad at it. Well I'm off.

Remember to always smile! I know that I am!

Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

I'm so glad it's going well, Love! See you tonight!