Monday, June 21, 2010


Did you know that I love food. I love the smell(most of the time). I love the taste(most of the time). I love that no matter where you go in the world there will be food(it might not be as good as a chicken sandwitch from chick-fil-a), but there is food.

Would you like to know what I love best about food?.....

I love that I can cook it. All by myself. And it will still taste good. I love that when I'm hungry I can go to the refrigerator and say well I can make myself a pbj or a hamburger. And you know what I can make both of those all by myself. I no longer need mom to cut my sandwitch into triangles or other things that mom's do with food. I can do it all by myself.

You know what else?....

I've been able to do that for a long time. And I love it so much!


I think that I will be a chef when I grow up..... Yep.... sounds good.

Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

I love it better when you cook, too. I think being a chef is a fabulous idea--especially if you never live very far away from your mom.

And I will cut your PBJs into triangles any time!