Friday, June 11, 2010


On Wednesday I asked my math teachers if there was any way that I could miss Friday(Today). They said that we were going to be taking a test first thing in the morning and I souldn't miss that. I then said what if I came in and took the test and then left?...

At this point I realized that that seemed rather dumb... Just going and taking the test and not staying for the rest of class. But What they didn't know was that I had a very good reason for asking this dumb question.

Then my teachers said that would actually work.

I was so supprized that I could have screemed! I was so happy! I was going to work hard so that they wouldn't regret letting me go.

I still don't want to disapoint them so when I get home I will be calling my friend Jesse(he's a math genius) for a little bit of help with my homework.

Did you know that mothers are very smart?.... I knew that they were here for a reason.

My mom always taught me that the answer is always NO unless you ask.

I had planned on not asking and I wouldn't have been able to go. (I'm so grateful for my mom.)

Where you ask am I going?.......


Aren't mothers wonderful?!?!?!!!!


Bow Baby


Amy said...

Yes. Mothers are wonderful. Particularly yours.


wjmom said...

Love you, Babe! Have fun at YC!