Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Santa('s) Brought

Santa brought Landon an i-pod 4th generation.

He brought the rest of us 200 big ones!!!

So really he brought me a shopping day with my bestest friend. Which included a purple undershirt, cream lace shirt(the shoulders are only an inch wide), so there was a jacket to go over it, a new black coat(that is SUPER adorable!!), a superman wallet, makeup, 4 packages of HUGE smarties, 2 magazines, lactose free ice cream, potato chips, and 2 things to thank my bestest friend for going with me! With 65 dollars left over for whatever else I feel like buying. So although it was a sorta boring Christmas day, I've had the BEST two days with my Bestest and it was exactly what I needed.

Thanks Santa('s) for one of the BEST Christmas presents EVER!!!

Bow Baby