Friday, December 31, 2010

Shopping Days

Did you know that I might be one of the best shoppers in the world without even trying to be!?
I told you about everything I bought and considering how much I could have spent that was some GREAT shopping.

Well yesterday I got the STEAL of a lifetime!!!!

I went to the Gateway mall with my Bestest and we walked around in the snow for a couple of hours and then decided that we were done with that experience. So we met up with her family and then we slowly made our way back to West Jordan.

*Side note* On our way to the Gateway Wendy-Bestest mom- informed us that Modest By Design was going out of business and that they were having FANTASTIC sales.*End side note*

We went back to Bestest house and*Do you remember how long it takes my Bestest and her family to get anywhere* well lets just say it was about 45 minutes before we left her house again and we still had to stop by my house and inform my parents about what was going on.

It was 6:20 before we knew it and Modest By Design closed at 7.
With Wendy driving like a crazy person we made it there at 6:33 on the dot.
We practically ran in and just started to grab everything that we liked and we climbed into a dressing room and were changing like mad women. I put on the second dress I had found and IT WAS PERFECT!!!! I fell in love with it!!!!! I tried on a few more but none could compare to "that BEAUTIFUL one that had fit so perfectly".

So then I looked at the price tag..... but..... LIGHT BULB..... this dress was 90% off!!!!!

And so you know what I did!!!! I bought the darn thing!!!! It cost less than my superman wallet did!!!! And I bought a headband that matched so wonderfully!!!! -I look RAVISHING if I do say so myself.- the headband almost cost as much as the dress cause the headband was only 60% off. Which is ridiculous but true. The dress and headband together cost Eighteen dollars and thirteen cents.

The headband alone cost $7.13
That means the dress cost $11.00

ahhhh.... I can feel good about that.....

Bow Baby

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Amy said...

photos my dear!!! photos! you rock. :)