Thursday, October 28, 2010

The School Bathroom

WARNING: Content may include the subject of Poop. If this grosses you out in any way STOP READING NOW.

You know when your at school and all the sudden it hits you that you have to go to the bathroom REALLY BAD? And this is no regular "Oh I just have to pee." bathroom break, this is that and more. That is the worst thing in the world.

So then you ask the teacher for the hall pass and off you go to the bathroom hoping and praying that there is no one else in the bathroom. Because it is weird when you accidentally fart and then you get out of the stalls at the dame time.... not good at all.

But of course someone was there.

And apparently she had to poop to.

So you sit there and try not to fart and hope that the person in the other stall does not know you.

Then you finish and you wait so you don't run into each other as you go to wash your hands. You hear her flush right as your about to walk out of the stall... But then you hear a wonderful sound. someone else has now entered the bathroom and can take blame for the "noises". But you hear something else also... the toilet paper roll form the stall that you know had the other girl in there is still rolling.

And now you know you are safe to walk out and wash your hands. Because this girl was just doing a courtesy flush. What a wonderful thing.

Bow Baby


Jacqueline said...

LOL!!! Ash, I like that you tell it like it is! That is so true! Hahaha. You just made my day :)

Jessica said...

Hahaha! I hate waiting until people leave the bathroom just so you can exit the stall... Gah! Thank the heavens for courteous people. :D