Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reality Check

I'm pretty sure that I was living in a fantasy world. I thought that everyone had as good a life as i did. I didn't even realize how Fantastic my life really is and how everyone wish for that perfect family and I somehow got that.
Today I was handed a Reality Check.

I realized that I have friends who don't have both parents living with them or they don't have a dad or a mom. But the only reason that I realized this is because I went to my friend Samm's house for Glee night. I walked in like I usually do without knocking(because her mom told me that that is the way it was done) and I set my cake on the counter and MeeMa was sitting on the couch. I looked at her and she said to me,

"Can I help you?"

I replied "Hi. I'm here for Glee night."

She then said "What's your name?"

"Ashtyn." I was now getting a little worried.

"Are you here to see Samm?" she asked.

"Yes." I choked back a tear because it was then that I realized that she really didn't remember me. Honest to goodness could not remember.

She then called for Samm and she asked her who I was and if it was alright that I had walked into the house without knocking.

Samm later explained that sometimes her mom forgets things. Lots of things.

I knew that MeeMa had MS, but I didn't realize how bad MS is.

My mom has/had(I'm not sure which one) MS but it has never been like that at all. Yes my mom is a little scatter brained but what mom isn't? I NEVER thought in a million years that it was like that. I didn't know, or maybe I didn't want to know, how much goes on outside of my little world. Does that make me a bad person? I sure hope not.

But I have now set a goal and that is to appreciate everything that I have and help those who need it. Like my friend Samm. All she needed tonight was a good friend who would listen and I was there for her. I strive to be that person that people know they can lean on. I hope that you all know how much I love and appreciate all that you do!

Cherish all those around you and you will always have someone that will Cherish you.

Bow Baby


Amy said...

Ughh. It can be so so horrible! I'm so sorry. And I think happiness is good - even if it is in a bubble. As long as you are capable of getting out when someone needs you (which you clearly are).

Jessica said...

Wow. That makes my heart drop! I live in my own world too... It's crazy to think how many different "worlds" everyone lives in. You are a good, loving friend. :]

wjmom said...

I love you, Babe! You are a good girl.