Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Favorite Aunt

I don't actually have a favorite aunt. You see I love them all dearly! I couldn't choose just one. So I choose to love them ALL!

My Auntie J. called me today to tell me that her daughters daughter(I don't know how I'm related to her so...) looks just like me! She told me that we are both so cute and that she could be my daughter instead of my cousins daughter.(I hope all of that makes sense.)

When I answered the phone I said "Hello!" with a cheery disposition of course! :D
She replied by saying "Is this Ashtyn?"
"Hi! This is your Favorite Aunt Jenny!"

And it turns out that she is my Favorite Aunt Jenny. Cause she's my only Aunt Jenny(if you didn't catch that). I love her dearly. That is how she always says hi on the phone and I love it!!!!!!!

Aunt Tiff don't be upset. You are my Favorite Aunt Tiff!

Bow Baby


The Vuki Family said...

Well, does your Aunt Jenny get random text messages from you? Point proven! I AM your FAVORITE Aunt! Love ya!

wjmom said...

You are my favorite Bow Baby!

Love, Your Favorite Mom

Jessica said...

I looooooove Auntie J.! And my Auntie A.! And YOU! How fun. :]