Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Essay for History!

We are learning about the Declaration of Independence in my history class. She told us on Friday that we need to write an essay/paper on the DoI. But that the paper was suppose to be the DoI but sept fer in more smiple terms. You were suppose to write it as if you were someone else writing the DoI.

She read us some examples.

1) Yoda, All men are created equal young padaone.

2) Ganster, Yo Dog don't you know that all men are equal Yo!

3) Valley Girl, Like Oh My Gosh so like all men are equal right!

4) Teacher, So you see class all men were created equal.

5) Text, All men R cre8d =. :)

and so on...

I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do mine....


Little Markie Markie came upstairs and stared talking to me. And the wheels in my head stared turning. What if I did mine in little kid speek. Then I won't be graded on spelling(we ALL know that I can't do that anyway) and it would be fun and easy! Fun yes. Easy no. But here it is if you feel like reading it.

We fink dat all guys arew da same, dat day all have wites, da wites arew, Wife, Wiberity, an da pasut ov happiness. When ne kind ov goverment tarts to take away deese witer it is up to da peepol to change or top it, an put in a new goverment, putting a bace on da valies, an sort out its powrs dat will most help da peepol's happiness. Day should not change or top ot of no on is doing bad stuff, but dere arew bad peeple in da wold an if day arew being mean, da peepol have an duty to cwush dat goverment an give new gawrds for dere future saftety.

In evwefing dat we did go froo we wote to da king an hoped for da best, but evwe time da king hurted us. He is a bad guy an should not be king to da fwee peepol.

We dinit want dere help neway. An we tod deme dat we dinit want deme to have contwol over us. We minded deme why we moved here. Day dinit listen, like day was deaf to us. So we arew going to tell deme dat we don wnat to be wif deme nemore, and dat we see deme as eminees in war, in peace, and friends.

We, da peepol ov da U.S. congress have chosin dat da colonees should be a fwee peepol wif tates, an we won be pawt ov Gwate Bwtin. We will be fwee tates an we will have power to call wat, bwing peace, an make ouw own Acts, an under fings fwee tates arew awowd to do. We give ouw wod to eech uhder ouw Wives, ouw Fortens, an ouw sakewed Honor.


Bow Baby


Amy said...

ha ha ha. I love it!

The Vuki Family said...

Nicely said Sassy!

Jessica said...

Whew. I had to read that out loud! Haha. This was great! Great idea!