Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You've Got Mail

Have you ever seen that movie called You've Got Mail?
Well in one part he is trying to explain why he didn't make the date they had planned. He's saying things like
.... And.... the elevator broke.... And.... we were stuck..... And.... My dog got sick.... And.... my mom was rushed to the hosipital..... And.... the power went out.... And..... etc.
Well that is how I felt last night.
We(my boyfriend and I) had planned on going to the temple in the morning. So I was trying to come up with a way to tell him I couldn't go without telling that I was on my period and I don't like tampons(I had completly forgoten that I was on my period until he left and I finally went to the bathroom(I don't know what it is but the thought of him being just in the other room when I am peeing weirds me out) and then I remembered).
Ecuses that came to mind....
..Blame mom.. that wont work why wouldn't mom let me go to the temple?
..Fake sick.. that wont work he was just here and I was completly fine.
..Don't tell him anything and pretend to sleep through my alarm.. that wont work Tay would just wake me up and they would wait for me to get ready.
..Tell the truth.. NOT AN OPTION!!!!!!!!!
..I'm hanging out with Megan and forgot about it til just barely..why on earth would I make plans with my friend for 8o'clock in the morning?.. unless.. I have chores to do before I go hang out with Megan at 10, plus I have to get ready for the day.... BINGO!!!!!!!
Now this is the story I told him.... and it is not a lie. I am hanging out with Megan and I do have things to do.. but it is posible that the things could be done later in the day.... But what he doesn't know wont kill him right? I made plans to go to the temple with him this comming Tuesday.
This story could also relate to the movie My Girl. Her guy friend comes over and asks her if she wants to go swimming. Of course she pushes him away and yells "AND DON'T COME BACK FROM FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS!!!". Which also could have worked for this situation.... but he would have guessed that and that is just as bad as me just telling him the truth!
This is sorta a no win situation.
Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

Awesome! I'm laughing like crazy right now.