Friday, April 29, 2011

One of Bella's Most Favorite Treats

Bella LOVES bananas!!! I, however, do not.
They smell bad.
They have a weird texture.
They have a strange taste that over powers all other tastes.
They smell bad.
Over all not the best fruit in the world.
My dad always tells me I should eat more bananas because they're good for me.
Despite the fact that I hate them I know my dad is right....
So everytime someone buys bananas I secretly eat one.

Don't laugh at this picture.... Okay you can laugh but you can not comment on it.
It's morning, I haven't even showered yet(that's next on my list though).
I ate a banana.... the strange thing about this banana though is that I didn't cringe when I bit into it. It didn't taste bad(it also didn't taste good) but I guess it has become an aquired taste.

I ate that whole banana(except for the two bites I gave to Bella) all by myself.
And it was a big banana.
That's all I have to say about that.
Bow Baby


The Vuki Family said...

YOU'RE a NERD Sass! Love you!

wjmom said...

Good job, Babe!