Thursday, April 21, 2011

Board to Oblivian

First of all I know I spell things wrong I blame that on my dad. So no poking fun at me.
Second I am so board I could die and that would be more interseting than what I'm doing.... Just sayin'.
I woke up and 10, got in the shower, did my hair, did my makeup, texed my bestest friend, then you know what I did?! YOU WILL SERIOUSLY N-E-V-E-R GUESS!!!!
I went through all of my clothes and put the stuff I no longer want or wear into two garbage bags. Then I organized everthing that was left. AND THEN..... AND THEN! I MADE MY BED!!!! Can you believe that?!?!
Now I know that for some of you making your bed is part of your daily routine but it is most definatly NOT part of my routine!!! I never understood makeing my bed cause durring the day I want to cuddle with jack(my blankie, again no making fun) out on the couch and then when I put him away I would have to make my bed again.... and if I don't cuddle with him.... why should I make my bed if I just going to mess it up later that night?!?! Making a bed has always been one of those things that is just beyond me. It is a silly invention and I will never, well mostly never, do it. So there!
I watched the rest of TRON! Which is an awsome movie by the by! And now I've run out of things to do.... I could do the dishes.... and I probably will, but I already made my bed! UGGGG!!! Home is boring when you're the only one home.... just sayin'.
Bow Baby

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The Vuki Family said...

I love you! I'll bet you're Mom (the Grammar snot) is reading this and just cringing. Ha! Ha! Love you Sassy! I'm so happy that you're such a happy person.