Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I" vs. "Him"

how many times do you think you say "I" in one day?
I was talking to my best friend earlier today and she has a teacher who is in the army and they e-mail eachother all the time. she was telling me that he has seemed really depressed lately. She didn't know how to respond to his last e-mail and so I had her read it to me a couple times and I realizthat not once in that e-mail did he say "I" or "me". I find that very impressive. He talked about them and we and us but never once I.
I can't help but think what courage that must take. To only ever think of others. How do you do that? How can you just forget yourself and only think about the people you love and the people who love you?
I love all of my friends and family and even just my acquaintances. but I can't think of one day that I only thought of them. He thinks of only these people. People he doesn't even know. He worries for them and fights for them. If only everyone in the world had that piece of mind.If only everyone cared. What would the world be like then? Peaceful? Safe? Scary? Unsafe? Happy?
How many times do you think you say "I" in one day?
I know that I say it a lot. I hope that doesn't make me selfish. I hope to be more like this man who can think of one else but the people he loves and some people he doesn't even know. I think we should all be more like him and remember to love everyone and care for them.
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wjmom said...

You are absolutely right. Thank you for the reminder. I will try to do better.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love this Ash... very deep question.

Kaitlyn said...

You take everything to such a deeper level. I'm glad I could've called you, it was a fantastical help. :) I lovve you!