Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had my first choir conceret yesterday night. It was amazing! We did so well! Or at least that's what everyone kept telling us. I was very impressed with us! I think the best part was how I felt afterword. I felt peaceful and happy! And we all looked Beautiful!!!!!!
We have these amazing dresses that are super bright blue! They make you go "WOW! WHAT A COLOR!" It is supper Spectacular! I love it! We were all very beautiful not only in looks but in sound too. We blended and we did our four part harmony very well! I'm so enthusiastic about it if you couldn't all ready tell!
Well that's all! If you missed the memo don't worry my mom will most likley be putting pictuers on her blog soon. If not ask her about it! :) happy face!

Bow Baby!

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wjmom said...

Belles Voix looked and sounded so lovely last night! The woman next to me said you all were "heavenly."

And you were the most beautiful one there!

No! I'm not biased!