Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy Cow!

I had no idea that I would ever have so much homework in my life! High School is harder then I thought. But even though I have tons of homework everyday I'm Loving every second of my school days. I have classes that I don't like but who doesn't? Right?
I have great teachers and lots of great kids in my classes. Plus I have amazing parents and siblings who are very willing to help me with every thing that I need help with. To add on top of the good things... I haven't beeen sick since aproximatly july 14th give or take a few days. That is one of the longest times I've gone without being sick. Isn't that GREAT! I'm very happy about that if you couldn't tell.
In my Lang. Arts class the other day we did this thing... I don't remember what they are called but... you can only write 6 words. It doesn't matter how long the words are or how many sylables there are it just matters that there is 6 words no more no less. So it was like telling a story in 6 words is how my teacher explained it. And we were telling the stories of our lives. We had to come up with 6 words that decribed us... Mine was... Life, Live it, Love it, Wonderful!
I was thinking about that... and I decited that my life is wonderful! for 8 reasons...
1) I have a family that will be my family forever and always!
2) My family loves me very much and I love them!
3) I have Spactacular friends, that would do anything and everything for me and I would do the same for them!
4) I can get an education anywhere I go in the U.S.
5) I have the gosple that makes my life a whole lot more easy!
6) I have a beautiful home where I can feel safe and like I don't have to be anyone but myself there!
7) I can be myself anywhere I go, because I feel like I don't have to be anyone else! I will give an example of that... My friends came over to my house on Friday and we dressed up in prom dresses that we have and we walked to Maceys just because we felt like it. It was way fun incase anyone was wondering!
8) I have talents that I can share with everyone! I love being able to help people and with my talents I can help others!
So life is Marvelous! And that is that!
Bow Baby!


wjmom said...

"Hooray!" for no sickness, and "Go Ashtyn!" for keeping away from the things that will make you sick.

You are great, and I'm glad you are confident in being the wonderful person you are!

Kaitlyn said...

Go prom dresses at Maceys!
The very best times EVER!!
Love you!