Wednesday, August 19, 2009


first off I should explain what a Hilladay is. Pretty much it is a day or a weeked that we spend as a family. We have it every year in August. We all love the Hilladays. They are a fun way to get to know eachother and to just have fun. Now that I have explained...
For our Hilladay this year we are going to Jackson Hole in Woyoming. We will be taking two cars. Buzz and Roxanne(we name our cars after disney charaters) Buzz is an Infinity, and Roxanne is a Miada. My little brother and I have been argueing over who gets to ride with my older sister in Roxanne. I want to not just because it's a cute car but because I love to spend time with my sister.
My little brother on the other hand just wants to ride because it's a "hot" as he would say, car. he despises my sister and they both know it...
What am I suppose to do? He won't leave me alone about it. It is getting annoying!
Last time I told you we were going to Cali. he says that if I get it the whole way to Jackson and back he gets it from utah to cali. and back. does that sound fair to anyone? If so please let me know and please give reasons why you think it's fair.
Anyway...I hope it will end up being a fun trip and that my little brother and I get along. Knock on wood... Talk to you in a few days. I'll tell you all about my trip.
Bow Baby

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