Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feeling Better?

I think that I'm feeling better.

Reasons why I think I'm feeling better....

I woke up 8:15

I was hungry by 10:00

I ate and was satisfied

I put my contacts in

I got in the shower and afterwords felt clean

I put my jeans and a T-shirt on

I'm to busy singing along to my music type

Reasons why I think I'm still sick....

I'm admiring the snow

I feel like doing the dishes that are sitting on the counter

My stomach is still a little weezy

I miss my Animal Science class

I don't want to do my hair

I'm eating a banana and no ones forcing me

;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0 ;0

I want to put all the Christmas decorations up!!!!

Please mom!?!?!

Bow Baby!!!


Amy said...

Oh come on, she's not home anyway and as much as she just wants someone to take down the Christmas lights, I'm sure she'd LOVE to come home to a holly jolly Christmas. :) Right Aundrea?

wjmom said...

Right! You can decorate any time you want. As long as you are willing to UN-decorate when it's time (that means BEFORE Valentine's Day!).