Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Fishing

Soooo.... Sunday night I went to bed around 9:30. I wake up at about 10:15 from my cell phone ringing. It is my Best Friend Megan. Our conversation went like this...
-Me:"Hello..."(in a grogy tone cause I just woke up)
Meg:"Hi Ash! Sorry to wake you. Hey do you want to go ice fishing tomarrow?"

Now at this moment I'm thinking do I want to go?.... NO!!! Did I promise to go?.... YES!!!!

I convinced Meg to go to the school dance by telling her that if she would go with us in our group I would go ice fishing with her.-

Me:"Hold on let me go "ask" my parents."-

Me:"Mom can I go ice fishing with Megan tomorrow?"
Mom:"Do you want to go?"
Me:"No.... but I sorta promised."

-Me:"Meg I can go."
Meg:"GREAT! I'll come pick you up around 6:30 tomorrow morning."
Me:"Great. See you then..."

I set my alarm and went back to bed. I woke up at 6 and got ready to go ice fishing.
Megan came right on time.
We didn't leave her house until about 8.
We drove for like ever, and finally made it to our destination, which was Rockport.
We then met up with Megan's uncle and cousins. In all there were 3 adults and 8 kids including Meg and I.
Me and Meg were the oldest kids. The next oldest was 10 maybe 11 and then the youngest was 3.
We climbed from where we parked down to the water. I say Climbed because we had to climb accross big rocks.
Me, being the clutz I am, fell and hit my tail bone on a very pointy rock.... I still hurt.
Because it had been raining there was a four foot gap between land and ice.
The men built a bridge and we all crossed safely.
Because it hda been raining there was 2 or 3 inches of water on top of the ice.
It was very slick but relitivily warm.
Everyone got all set up and started fishing. And then the wind started to pick up and it got really cold really fast.
The little ones had been splashing and playing in the water and were drenched from head to toe and when that wind started they got cold and whiney real fast.
So Meg and I took them up to the car while the boys fished some more.
We got them out of their wet things, which included, boots, socks, coats, and snowpants.
They were all complaining that their feet were cold and so Megan took off her boots and gave each of them a sock.
HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: After the girls got their sock onto both of their feet, they started playing "mermaids". I remember when I was little and could make up stuff like that and get away with it.... It sucks to grow up. I just thought that it was the cutest thing ever.
After watching the girls play "mermaids" for and hour the guys were ready to be done. They packed everything up and we headed for Megan's uncles house, about ten miles west of Rockport.
We stayed there for two hours.... I was ready to go home.... It was, afterall, 2 o'clock.
So we started our journey home. All of us, except Megan's dad of course, slept all the way home.
WORST PART OF THE DAY: After all that.... getting up early just to sit around and wait til 8 to leave, freezing to death, listening to crying and pouting, and sitting around for two hours doing nothing. WE DIDN'T CATCH ANY FISH!!!!

Needless to say I will NEVER go ice fishing ever again!!!!!

Bow Baby


Jacqueline said...

LOL. Ice fishing. Hmmm. Jeff goes every now and then but he has shelter to take and it makes it like, 10x more fun. I like going with him. Maybe if you came with us you would have fun. So never say never. :)

wjmom said...

Guess what? I can say "never." I NEVER want to go ice fishing. (Pretty much if there's "ice" in the title, I'm not interested.)