Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girls Camp

We are just days away from the best girls camp ever!... I know because I'm helping plan it... It is going to be so much fun and I am way excited! And a little stressed. We still don't have everything done and I feel like I'm the only one doing stuff... Besides Stacy, she has worked very hard to make this the best camp ever... But still I'm stressed.

I hope that this girls camp will be a growing experiance for the girls and I hope that they will love it as much as I do. We've tried to make it fun for them. I hope it is.

Girls camp has always been my favorite part of young womens because of the friendships that you get. You get to know the girls in a much more personal way. I love it! I love everthing about camp and I sure hope that this year will be fantastic!

Bow Baby

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wjmom said...

It's gonna be so. dang. fun. I only wish I was going!