Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grandpa A. and my History Project

It has been a while since I've bloged and I feel like I should. In my history class we are writing eight page research papers. FUN!


But lucky for me I have a wonderful grandpa who has helped me a ton. I'm writing about WWII. But I chose that subject because my great grandpa served in WWII and I thought that it would be cool to learn about what he did and what it was like durring the war. I have always been scared to ask great grandpa A. about the war stuff because if you ask my mom or my grandparents or my aunts or uncles... Talking about the war gives him nightmares. So my spectacular grandpa fish has most willingly given me all the info that he has gathered over the years from grandpa A.

It is all very interseting and I have loved the stories that grandpa fish has shared with me. I hope as I go futher in depth that I will learn more and be able to write this paper.

I have come to the conclusion that my grandpa A. is a hero. Not because he did some amazing things in the war and lived, but because he doesn't believe that he is a hero. He has taught me that sometimes when you don't feel like what you did matters to someone else it does. Because of what my grandpa A. did I want to be momre like him. He is my hero and I hope one day I will get up enough courage to tell him so.

I hope I can tell his stories well. I hope that when I write about him and the war as a whole I can do it with respect.

I'm so very greatful for my grandpa A. and for my grandpa fish who has so willingly shared grandpa A.'s stories with me. Thanks Grandpa! I love you lots and lots!

Bow Baby

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