Monday, February 7, 2011

Un-Valentines-Day (:

My Bestest Friend and I are have an Un-Valentines-Day (: party/"date" this comming Friday. Because she can't do it on Saterday which is the day of the Sweethearts dance at school. She isn't old enough to go and I don't have enough money to go. All of our other friends are going though so it will just be the two of us at this party(three is a crowed right?). We decided that the theme will be DISNEY and we could watch all sorts of disney movies. She suggested this list...

1: Beauty and the Beast
2: Tarzan
3: The Little Mermaid
4: Cinderella
5: Phocohontas
6: Lion King
7: Tangled
8: Peter Pan
9: Snow White
10: Fox and the Hound
11: Sleeping Beauty
12: Hercules
13: Hunchback of Notre Dame
14: Anastasia
15: Lady and the Tramp
16: Enchanted

I got so excited because we owned all of these movies except Peter Pan!!!! And then I remember the tragity that occured this summer..... It includes my mom throwing all of our VHS's away!!!! We all constantly remind her of this because now instead of having all of these movies we have 4 of them. ONLY FOUR!!!!! How heart CRUSHING(because on BONES it says that the heart is a muscle and therefore can not be broken only crushed.) is that!!!! So I don't know what we will do. Any ideas?

Bow Baby


Jacqueline said...

perhaps you could rent something? redbox maybe?

Kaitlyn Ann. said...

*sniff sniff* All I can see are these sad little Disney's in the bottom of a silver can.. D: Poor babies! We'll have fun, though. I'm so super excited. Ashyboo, will you be mine valentine?! :D

The CooLeo Giffords said...

Call your friends in Magna and borrow. We have all but 5, 7, and 13. Alot are on VHS but we still have them. What can I say I'm a packrat. You are welcome to use them. Sami