Wednesday, September 8, 2010

California and Then Some...

My parents decided that we were going to go to California for our Hill-a-day(it is a famiy holiday. we do something every year and it is always super uper fantastic!). We spent the weekend at my grandparents house.

My parents rented a van. It was a SWEET ride! There was a DVD player and everything!

It only took us 9 and a half hours to get there!(If you think that is long you are sorley mistaken! Shortest time we've ever made it in.)

We left Friday morning at O' Dark Hundred! All us kids(and Mom) slept for the first 3 and 1/2hrs. We were there before we knew it!

On Saterday we left at 9:30am to go to Dillan Beach. We got there around 12. It was SOOOO foggy!(and a little cold) But after we had finnished lunch Lando wanted to go play in the water.(I wish I would have joined him) He played what he called "Wave Jumpping"! It was so cute! And we just waited for him to fall over. :) He never did. Bummer huh....

We ran into a little boy about 10 years old. He had a mit and a tennis ball. Mom asked him how far he could throw it and he said "pretty far". Mom told him if he threw it to Taylor he would probally throw it back. And he did. They must have thrown that ball back and forth for like an hour if not more. They became pretty good friends really fast. After they were done playing Taylor went and talked to his mom and they talked about the gosple for 20 minutes. He will make a great missionary someday.

Then we headed for "home".

We showered and hung out with all the Fam.

Sunday we went to Apple Hill. It was Tons and Loads of FUN!!!

We travled home on Monday. It seemed like a long drive. But it wasn't really.

...And Then Some...

I got sick after our trip.

Me and My bestest friend got in a little dispute, but we're ok now.

My dad got sick too. He's no fun when he's sick.

I got a cheese-less pizza for me from Papa Murphy's. Yummm! GOOD STUFF!!

Bow Baby


Amy said...

What fun! I'm glad at least one of you had the guts to play in the ocean. It seems only right. :)

wjmom said...

I *heart* Hilladay, and I love you!